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Aromatherapy Essential Oils




There are a lot of aromatherapy oils to choose from and all of them have many benefits for our body both physiologically and psychologically, however they are even more effective when used in combination with each other! But, and this is really important, essential oils can be quite dangerous if used in the wrong quantities or if you have specific conditions or ailments! Now please don't stop using tea-tree or lavender at home, but please remember to only use a few drops as in excess they can cause headaches and dizziness!


Here at Life and Soul Empowerment we don't just want to sell you bottles of essential oils, we want to work with you to find out what is going on in your life both physiologically and psychologically so that we can best suggest which oils to blend personally for you. This does mean we ask you to fill in our medical questionaire and if you are taking certain medicines or have certain conditions we may not be able to make you up blends without your GP's agreement! This does sound long winded but be assured it is for your benefit. We also ask you to agree to our disclaimer when you complete the medical questionaire that should you have a reaction attributed to a condition or medicine you failed to disclose that we are not liable.


Empowering your health and well being using Essential Oils


The service we offer is to suggest a suitable blended oil for your condition or ailment, we will then make you up a draft of 5ml and send this to you so you can patch test it on your skin to ensure that you have no alergic reaction. We then ask you to let us know after 48 hours that everything is fine and to make your payment, you will be sent a link by email to do this. Once your payment is processed your blend will be shipped to you within 3 working days of its receipt. We use only the finest quality organic oils, they are not cheap but do ensure the purest ingredients and therefore the best results for you. Some common ailments and conditions that can be helped with essential oils are listed below:

If you think that you would like to have your personal blend made up then please complete our medical questionaire, the more information you give us the better we can match your condition/symptoms to the right essential oils; please state what you hope to acheive by using the treatment and be assured all your data is securely held and never passed on to third parties. Please can you give us a number and/or email address we can contact you on should we require any further information.


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