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Soul Tips


They say laughter is good for the soul, well we believe that this is so true, basically laughter is positive and any positive thought or action has a positive effect on the mind with a knock on effect on the body and soul!

Can you remember what it felt like on Saturday morning to wake up to Sunshine, did it make you smile, it certainly made us smile and feel so much better, have more energy and generally feel positive! Well we believe you can create your own sunshine, by smiling; go on give it a try, walk down the street and smile, see the reactions of those around you I bet they smile back!

Positivity is the key to changing your life, if you think positive thoughts the energy that vibrates out to the universe and then like an echo comes back to you is positive. So always think about what you do want, and if that's a nice sunny day, think sunny and dry and pass it on so the next person vibrates the same thought as you!

It's so simple yet humans think its difficult, so guess what that's exactly what it becomes, what you thought before is what you are now, what you think now is what you will become!


Monday morning is usually something that a lot of people dread or at least wish could be a couple of days later! Wouldn't it be wonderful if every day of the week you woke up feeling just great and couldn't wait for anything that the day might bring?

At Life & Soul Empowerment we believe that everyone has the power to change any aspect of their life that they are less happy with to being something that they are truely enchanted with!  Its about taking control of what you want and need in your life and putting positive actions in place to acheive your desired outcome!

Some times this can be a quick fix, we'll use the example of the parking space and traffic light angels so you can see how it can work for you!   Now not everyone believes in angels but call it what you like, it works. So give this a go, next time you are going ot your local supermarket, as you get into your car and switch on the engine, ask very nicely (out loud or in your head it doesn't matter which) for a parking space as close to the entrance that you use as possible when you get there.   Now occasionally you might drive round for a little bit, but generally a parking space will be found quite close to the door, someone will just be getting to their car or pulling out of a space as you arrive!  Please let us know if this works for you!  The traffic light angel is very similar, but please only use this if you are in a hurry as it means the traffic in the opposing direction has to stop for you! But ask up as you leave for clear roads and green traffic light as you get to them!

You may think this is a laugh or a bit of fun, but imagine if you can manifest the parking space you need, or ensure green lights when you are in a rush, just what can you acheive through the power of positive manifestation!

In a lot of cultures and religions you see some of this, not that preaching a particular faith or religion is what this site is about, far from it, but the bible says "seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be give".  It's about belief, you may or may not have read The Secret, one of many books about manifesting the life you want, here we want to break things down to the simpliest possible stages:

What we are saying here is just try concentrating on one thing you would like to be different in your life, ask for what you would like to have and believe you can have it; then see what happens. Some things will take longer than others, but if you believe enough your brain will put into place a series of actions that will make your wish come true. Be specific about what you want, this is because it is much easier to manifest something specific than something that is very generlised. A lot of people ask for money and happiness and there is nothing wrong with that, but define what happiness means for you, what it will look like; the same with money ask for a specific amount, or financial freedom, your account to be in the black!

You could start by asking that monday mornings are positive and you feel great!