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Business Coaching


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With so many companies and individuals offering business coaching how do you know who to choose to work with your most precious assets?  Your staff and their development is something that goes hand in hand with your future success; at Life & Soul Empowerment we believe that choosing the right coach is about knowing what works well for the individuals in your company and what you need from coaching.


What’s involved?


Coaching delivers amazing results that can change so many things for the individual and company, so getting it right is very important; that is why we offer a free initial consultation so we can both determine that the working relationship's delicate balance will really compliment each other.  At this stage you will know if we are the right company to deliver your coaching needs and we will know if your staff need coaching or self development or both!  We will then work with you to determine what issues you want to cover with which individuals and the approximate timescale needed to achieve your desired outcome.  You will then be sent a plan and contract; once the signed contract and agreed payment has been received by us, the indivual's sessions will be booked at mutually convenient times.