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How Coaching is a Catalyst for Change | Personal Coaching | Business Coaching | Booking Page


Coaching isn't counselling or therapy, far from it!  It is a non-critical, non-judgemental and impartial approach, which allows the client to move towards fulfilling their potential.  Coaching helps an individual understand their strengths, gives them the space to decide what they really want, a coach works with an individual to set goals, and gives them the support to take the steps which take them forward, ultimately achieving their goals.  Coaching deals with the now and the future without dwelling on the past.


A coach facilitates change, but only the change a client chooses to make; the client agrees to work with the coach and take action on the changes within agreed time scales.  This is a two way relationship that allows the client to grow and achieve goals.  By asking the right questions the coach allows the client to find solutions to their own situation and facilate movement quickly towards their desired outcome.  A coach doesn’t require expert knowledge and insight in the area a person wants to be coached in, what a coach needs is the ability to find out what is occurring now and what the client wants to happen in the future, with that information they facilitate, through questioning, listening, and reflecting back, the changes.


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