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Cranial Sacral


Cranial Sacral Osteomyology is an exceptionally gentle yet powerful healing practice which can influence the deeply held patterns of both physical and psychological dis-ease.


It involves the “butterfly” touch of the practitioners hands on the cranium, sacrum or other parts of the body through which the rhythms, pulls and pulsations emanating from the deeply rooted core structures of the body and CSF (Cranial Sacral Flow) move.


These movements are a reflection of Cranial motion which is expressed in all the tissues of the body. Every condition affecting a person influences this movement, creating asymmetries or restrictions to both the cranial and sacral rhythm. Release of these restrictions enables release of dis-ease providing relieve throughout the body and mind.


The adult skull is made up of 22 bones which all move in relation to each other. If misaligned, rhythms of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CFS) can be affected influencing the whole body including posture and functionality. Misaligned posture or mechanical dysfunction may predisposes the human body to Vertebral Subluxation Complex (or VSC) and may influence the expression of “named pathological disorders”¹. Restoring proper cranial mechanics not only influences the function of muscle, ligament, tissue and bone in the body it also influences the central nervous system which is responsible for the physical, emotional and chemical ‘...coordination of your body and mind’.²



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