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What is the difference between an Angel & Tarot Reading


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If we told you "not a lot" you would probably ask "well why should I have one or the other then?".


The main thing about using cards for a reading is that they are a visual tool for the client and the reader; the cards have individual meanings, but because the client is "choosing" the cards for a particular question or situation in their life the cards that are choosen indicate the areas that are important and the reader then interprets them with the help of their guides and/or the angels.


Some readers will have a favourite deck of cards, others will use more than one deck and others use both Angel and Tarot cards together; however you the client can always decide what type of reading you want, whether that be with Angel cards, Tarot cards or none!  What ever you choose be sure that it will be right for you in that moment and all messages are delivered with love.