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Welcome to Life & Soul Empowerment



Thank you for clicking on today's Groupon Deal for Self Esteem/Confidence Programme



We want to offer you a fantastic experience that will help you realise you have found the solution to your confidence problems and a programme that will get you there.  



So what can you expect from your experience at Life & Soul Empowerment Holistic Health Practice?


You will be working with a fully qualified and experienced Osteomyologist, who has your health and well being at the top of her agenda! Find out more about Dawn by clicking on the link.


You will receive a full consultation before your treatment to ensure that you receive the most from it; you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire, this will be sent to you before and you need to complete and bring it with you. Your health is taken very seriously and therefore every patient, no matter why they are coming to he clinic, has a full consultation before receiving any treatment; this is because we work with your whole body and have to ensure no harm will be done to you. This process will also enable us to recommend which of our treatment modalities will suit you best and allow you to be fully confident in us as professionals!


A calm and relaxing atmosphere where you can leave your everyday worries at the door, you may even want to leave them in the bin on the way out!


A brand new, purpose built treatment room, in a newly refurbished and modern salon.



So what will your treatment involve?


A programme of four sessions to give you the tools you need to help you re-instate your self esteem and confidence.  These tools will enable you to carry on your life's journey at full steam and to reach the goals you really desire. You are buying the first session today at a discounted price, and you will pay Dawn direct for the remaining 3 at £40 a session.


We hope you choose Life & Soul Empowerment and enjoy your time with us, please call Dawn on 0795 1099 491 to discuss any questions you may have and to book your experience!


If you want to know what other people have said about working with Dawn and the work she has done please click here to read their testimonials.