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Would you or someone you know love to be totally confident and be 100% brimming with self esteem?




If you suffer from problems of low self esteem and/or confidence, you may be wondering where to turn to get help to overcome these problems. Well I would like to tell you about the programme I have developed which has now been refined so that after just four sessions you can truly walk out of my clinic in the knowledge that you have full self esteem and the tools to make sure you never slip back from your new found confidence!  




This practical and empathic approach to building self esteem and confidence has worked for all the participants of the programme so far, see what others have to say by clicking here.


The normal cost of the programme is £200 (first session is £65 and hour and half followed by 3 hour sessions at £45 each) but by ringing today you can get a great discount of £40 and pay for the whole programme for just £160 – that's over 50% off your first session! Alternatively you can pay just £45 for your first session and £45 for each of the 3 following sessions as you go saving £20.


So if you would like to have more confidence, whether it’s to get a new job, be able to stand up and do presentations, chat in social situations or something more personal to you, give me a call on 0795 1099 491 to discuss how this programme can help you! If you are absolutely fine but know someone that might benefit from the programme then why not forward them this email, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!




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Use the new recommend a friend scheme to get free treatments for yourself!

Get a great discount by phoning today!!!!