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Self Development in Business

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In business, like in our personal lives, we can lose sight of the bigger picture and feel lost.  Sometimes it seems that individuals are struggling to be part of a team or find it difficult to see the bigger picture, yet they are conscientious and hard workers that contribute to the whole.   It could be said that coaching might be the right route for these individuals, but sometimes self development is needed before goal setting and planning can start.


Life & Soul Empowerment offers a free initial consultation to determine if self development is the way forward or coaching is the best route; often an individual will start with self development and move onto coaching, enabling them to move forward in a short space of time.

The strengthening of a persons own beliefs about themselves, and the business they work in, can only strengthen that business; enhancing self belief and self worth in the work place will not only enhance their performance but also their trust and belief in the company that they know believes in them.  This will enable them to focus on moving forward and maximise any future coaching.


What’s involved?


When you decide that Life & Soul Empowerment is for you, you will receive your free initial consultation to determine what issues you want to cover with which individuals and the approximate timescale needed to achieve your desired outcome. You will then be sent a plan and contract; once the signed contract and agreed payment has been received by us, the indivdual's sessions will be booked at mutually convenient times.