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Self Development

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Having clicked on a link called "Confidence and Self Esteem Coaching", why have you landed on a page on Self Develoment?  Well quite simply put Self Development is the work you do to improve your state of mind and well being. This can involve working on self esteem, confidence as well as any other issues you may have, but fundamentally it is about looking at the self and discovering what you would like to improve.  Next you need to decide if you can do this on your own or if you need the help of a professional. Although there are plenty of self help books that you can read on the subject, sometimes it is easy to put them down and forget about the journey you are on; the bonus of working with a professional is that you make appointments and they work with you to see you are taking the steps you need to achieve your desired outcomes.


Self Development is totally personal, no-one can tell you that you should be a certain way, it is a journey you choose and therefore it is up to you to choose who accompanies you on that journey! Over the last ten years Dawn has refined the "Self Esteem - the road to confidence" programme so that she now helps people with little or no self esteem/confidence to full self esteem/confidence in just four sessions.  Whether you then choose to continue this journey afterwards is a totally personal choice, you may move forward with coaching or you may just be happy with your new found confidence, however that choice is yours! 


Whether you are an individual or a business find out more by clicking on the links above.


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