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Self Esteem - the Road to Self Confidence

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This is a four week programme that has been developed and run by Dawn since she started her work with Disabled people in 2000.  It has been refined and embleished as Dawn developed her own skills and knowledge to the very sucessful programme it is today. Working with you she supports you and empowers you with the skills you need to be truly confident and have full self esteem.


What’s involved?


If this is a journey you want to take, then you need to know it is emotional and fulfiling.  Each session works on reprogramming the limited beliefs you and others have installed in your brain over the years, which have eroded yourself esteem and confidence.  By re-connecting with yourself and learning to love yourself warts and all you will quickly grow in confidence.  The skills you learn are tools for the rest of your life and will always helpyou be the best you possibly can.


You can book your initial consultation by clicking on the booking page above or calling us on the number below.

We also run Inspiring the Self workshops, which you may decide would suit you better, click on the link above for more information.