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Some say Wellness is a made up word and they may be right, but here at Life & Soul Empowerment we believe that thinking positively has a positive affect on our lives; so thinking that you are living in Wellness has to be a much better way forward than living in illness!


So what does living in Wellness mean? Basically it means you are happy with your physical, mental and spiritual state, and although not perfect you are a work in progress knowing what that means for you! It is very much an individual state and no-one can actually tell you what it means for you! What we do know is that when a person is happy and content with how they are they have less stress and less illness!


If you do a Google search on Wellness you will come up with pages of answers, Wikipedia has many answers, the medical version and the alternative medical version being just two! Fundamentally it seems that most definitions seem to indicate a healthy balance of mind body and spirit leading to a sense of well being! We think it is something for you to define for yourself and you will know when you are there!