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What is Osteomyology?


The first step to understanding Osteomyology is to disassemble the word:


Osteo means bone, myo means muscle, ology is a suffix meaning ‘the study & treatment of’.


Originally called Neurosteomyology (with Neuro meaning nerve) it was soon abbreviated for practical reasons as the general public found it difficult to pronounce or refer to.

The next significant step to understanding is found in its history. Osteomyology was developed in 1992 by registered Osteopath¹ Dr A.J.W Clemens BA. MSc. Phd. DO after he was requested to bring a semblance of order to a practitioner group in East Anglia before the General Osteopaths Council was inaugurated.


His vitalistic² stance reflected in its logo, quickly differentiated itself from Osteopathy in both name (Osteopathy signifies the treatment of bone “osteo” disease “pathy”) and philosophy by embracing the principle of ‘treatment reinvention” focussing on the evolution of techniques to restore function of bones, muscles and of course nerves.


To quote the Association of Osteomyology's site:



"....Osteomyology puts aside the usual tunnel vision of rigidly trained philosophies and allows the practitioner to switch seamlessly from one bodywork protocol to another even combining some methods together, this way the practitioner is never defeated as his/her armoury is limitless.  Dr Clemens boasts that in his organisation there exists some of the greatest innovators and exponents of the healing arts.  Osteomyology is not as most people are led to believe, a combination of other peoples favourite techniques, but a totally different protocol, a mingling and changing of the old, plus the new, to develop a form, up until now, undiscovered. No one method is seen as a cure all, so this is our method of treating patients sympathetically, effectively, and above all, safely.   As individual as each person is on this planet earth, so is the individuality of each and every Osteomyology Practitioner, thereby ensuring that patients are treated as individuals and not clones.The reason we combine modalities and reinvent, arises from our philosophy and belief in VITALISM.... Unlike all other treatment methods, we are not locked into the 'Symptom-Treatment' syndrome. Our Vitalistic Practitioners believe using the Osteomyology principle of "Treatment Reinvention" transcends all other methods, as chemical and physical methods are either failing or not the complete answer."


As a Holistic Practitioner in Osteomyology Dawn uses many different tools to help you function to your best ability within her capacities.


Living in wellness is about the whole of you; how you think, move and what you believe!  Life & Soul Empowerment believes that everyone has the enormous potential to achieve the impossible, the only thing that limits this are the individual’s own beliefs; once you break through the barrier and see the only limits are those you impose on yourself you can achieve what once seemed totally out of reach.



¹ Source: 2007 ² Vitalism: The doctrine that the origin and phenomena of life are dependant on a force or principle distinct from purely chemical or physical forces.